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RYMAX Maxto Board | Fiber Cement Board | Drywall | FCB Board
10 руб.
RYMAX Maxto Board | Fiber Cement Board | Drywall | FCB Board

RYMAX Maxto Board | Fiber Cement Board | Drywall | FCB Board

RYMAX Maxto Board is a new kind partition board for high quality buildings. It is compounded of patella cement, silver sand, porcelain granule, with fiberglass mash reinforced. With the structure like cement wall, RYMAX Maxto Board has excellent stability and durability. It is widely used for interior and exterior partition in Europe, America and Japan.

Installation of RYMAX Maxto Board is the same as other light partition board (calcium silicate board, plaster board, etc.). With its innovative dual sides design, the board can be fixed with ceramic tile, stone board or glass on its rough side; while its smooth side can be fixed with wallpaper or be painted. It is ideal for high class residential building, high-tech factory, shopping mall, restaurant and hotel, etc.

* Excellent Waterproof property;
* Excellent Fireproof Performance;
* Amazing Heat Insulation, Energy Saving and Environment Protection;
* Rough surface - best partner of Ceramic Tiles and Marbles;
* Safe, Nontoxic, Healthy, Free of Radioactivity;
* High Stability in Physical Performance, reliable for use;
* Excellent Sound Insulation Performance

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Производитель: Guangzhou Rymax Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Поставщик: Guangzhou Rymax Building Materials Co., Ltd.
Телефон: +86-20-81811486
Скайп: gzrymax@hotmail.com
Эл. почта: gzrymax@gmail.com
Условия доставки или реализации: 21, JinXiang Decor Market, NanAn Road, Guangzhou, 510160, China

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